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Neighborhood Youth Services

In response to community need, Neighborhood Youth Services (NYS) emerged in 1992 as a place of hope, belonging and opportunity for Duluth’s youth. This is a voluntary resource for neighborhood youth that develops assets and awareness while providing a safe place where children can learn, play and connect with the community, friends and family. This small, impactful program began with a vision by then-Juvenile Court Judge Gerald Martin, then-Duluth Police Chief Scott Lyons and neighborhood leaders as a means of strengthening families and reducing risks that contribute to juvenile delinquency. The program is designed to appeal to and help all youth within the Central Hillside and neighboring areas. Click here to read Mayor Don Ness’s commendation regarding Neighborhood Youth Services.

Neighborhood Youth Services operates solely on gifts and grants and makes positive, life-changing experiences available for free to boys and girls ages 6 through 18. Through the Enrichment Center, Mentor Duluth and Five Points Program, hundreds of youth are empowered to discover and develop their individual strengths.

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